PRS Emergency Septic Restoration

What happens when your septic system fails?

Don’t panic.  Portable Rental Systems can help!

There are a number of options for restoring a septic system.  First it’s necessary to determine why your system failed.  Is the effluent filter clogged?  Is the field saturated?  Is the tank full?  Are the lines clogged or damaged?  Each of these problems has it’s own solution.

Using optical cables, we can diagnose your system.  A simple inspection can determine if all we need to do is some routine septic field maintenance, or an entire system overhaul.  Sometimes pumping and cleaning the septic tank will suffice, other times you need to replace the septic tank and dig up the septic field.

Leave it to us.  We offer reliable service, expert designs, and competitive prices.  When it comes to emergency septic restoration, there’s no more reliable option in Colorado.

Contact us immediately if you notice anything amiss in your septic field.

If a septic installer or plumber is needed, we have several reputable companies you can call.